Blue Hugh Tracy Kalimba

Download a CLIP of the Blue Kalimba

This is my blue kalimba, the second kalimba I've owned, and my main kalimba. It is a Hugh Tracey 15-note Alto Kalimba ( which was given to me by Judy in 1990. These guys come from the factory tuned to G (G in the lowest note G in the highest note, no accidentals, so you get two octaves), and I've kept it there most of the time. Retuning to C by shifting the two F#'s to F's, or returning to D by shifting the two C's to C#'s, is pretty simple. This is one instrument that I try to play softly, but even so, it still needs to be tuned about twice a month. Get a chromatic tuner, and just push or pull the prongs a bit until each is in tune. Sometimes, the prongs develop a buzz, which can be eliminated by pushing or wiggling the prong a bit, or if the buzz persists, by inserting a tiny piece of paper between the prong and the bridge.

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