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This is a Rick Thum hammered dulcimer (http://www.rthum.com/). I bought this at the first annual Arizona Dulcimer Festival put on by Anna Duff in 2000. I was there playing guitar with Lauri Monti, a dulcimer player. While at the festival, she told me she was moving to Flagstaff; I couldn't face life without a dulcimer player in it, so I took matters into my own hands, so to speak. Dulcimers are great, but they are loud. Unlike the kalimba, which is usually tuned to just one key at a time, the dulcimer changes key, losing sharps as you go up or to the right. While you do need to be careful of those accidental notes out of key, the dulcimer can be a totally hypnotic instrument for the player. You can just totally zone out on the sounds and the physical motions.

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