Musical Magic of Semi-Infinite Variety
Mark Holdaway is a uniquely gifted multi-instrumentalist from Tucson, Arizona. His rich musical compositions live in a dreamland between Folk, Ethnic, and Trance. Sweet!

Excellent on Guitar, Mandolin, Hammered Dulcimer, Recorder, and more, he is also a Master of the enchanting Kalimba.

Mark says: "Here's whats going on:"

Kalimba Magic!

You can now buy kalimbas at my Online Kalimba Shop.

Check out other kalimba information at Kalimba Magic.

My kalimbas are made in South Africa by African Musical Instruments.

Check out the Kalimba article in the AZ Daily Star

Christmas Kalimba and WomanSong

Saturday December 17 7:30 - 10:00
The Synchronicity Center
1701 E. Lind (N of Ft Lowell, W of Campbell)
Parking on the street or in St. James' Church parking lot
This will be a special unamplified performance in this
wonderful venue which holds about 75 people.
$10 Admission

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