Two Thumbs Up
16 songs, 61 Minutes
Multi-instrumental Magic featuring the Kalimba, or African Thumb Piano.

MP3s To Download and Enjoy:

Track 1 - Robert's Dream
Track 12 - Kicked by the Snow
Track 14 - Black Bird

Mark Holdaway Trio Demo
Mark Holdaway Trio, 2003
8 songs, 26 Minutes

MP3s From The Trio:

Thinking of You

Sunday Again
Devin Champlin and Mark Holdaway, 2000
13 songs, 40 minutes

Devin Champlin was 20 when he wrote these sweet acoustic guitar tunes. Mark's guitar leads float and shimmer above Devin's music as if the two were contemplating becoming one.

Download some of this awesome music:

Track 1 - Anticipation
Track 10 - Cat's Paw

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